Top of Their Fields

Ed Young and Laurence Yep are the authors I chose to represent Chinese Folklore and Fairy Tales because they introduced two recent generations to a completely new genre of books that had not been highly publicized before.  Ed Young contributed to literary society in 1964 as an illustrator and has illustrated over 80 books including ones self-written.  Laurence Yep was nominated for the Newberry Award based upon his second published book.  These men’s careers have proven longevity as they both have been nominated for or won prestigious awards for every decade during which they have produced written work.  Ed Young has been nominated twice for the Hans Christian Anderson Medal honoring people that have made a lasting contribution to the field of children’s literature. Yep won the Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal in 2005 for making lasting contributions to the field of published children’s literature over a long period of time.  Yep’s and Young’s books are in every Library and they have brought to life dozens and dozens of Chinese Folk and Fairytales for the masses.  These authors no longer made Asian American stories and artwork a niche market, but one that is now widely available for all to learn from, connect with, and enjoy.


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