Laurence Yep Chinese Folk and Fairy Tale Titles

The Man Who Tricked a Ghost – This is the story of a man named Sung who visits a friend in a different village and stays too late. He walks home, despite it being too dark out to travel.   He meets a ghost on his journey and thankfully outwits the ghost by convincing the ghost that he also is a ghost.

The Khan’s Daughter: A Mongolian Folktale- This is a funny folktale about a commoner named Mongke who seeks the Khan’s daughter’s hand in marriage. He is given a series of three tasks to complete, which he completes more by luck than skill. He demonstrated his strength and bravery in the first two tasks. Lastly he must defeat a bandit, Bagatur, and he fails. He returns to the castle to admit defeat and discovers the princess posed as this bandit. Having discovered humility the princess agrees to marry him and they rule together as equals.

The Junior Thunder Lord- Merchant Yue as a child was not a very good student. The smartest boy in the class helped him stating, “ Those at the top should help those at the bottom.” As an adult passing through an area devastated by a drought he feeds a man, Bear Face, who others would not help because they find his manners appalling. Bear Face soon saves Yue’s life. In return Yue asks the man to live with him, but the man reveals himself to be Junior Thunder Lord. Because of Yue’s kindness, the god brings the much needed rain to the drought-stricken area.

The Dragon Prince: A Chinese Beauty and the Beast Tale- A poor farmer is captured by a dragon. In exchange for the man’s life the dragon wishes to marry one of his seven daughters. The only one to consent to the union is the youngest. The youngest daughter is taken under the ocean to the dragon’s lair. She is not frightened but amazed. She says, “The eye sees what it will, but the heart sees what it should,” the dragon is transformed into a handsome prince. Life is wonderful, but she longs to return home. Her jealous sister tries to drown her to take her place under the sea. The prince must now rescue his wife.

Shell Woman and the King- Uncle Wu lost the love of his life to another. When he was lonely he visited the ocean. There he met a beautiful woman, Shell, whom he later discovers comes from the sea. Shell is able to transform from a woman to a shell as she wishes. The vile king wishes to have Shell to himself and captures Wu. In order to free her husband Shell must perform a series of tasks. Upon completion of the last task the king still does not release Wu. Shell tricks the king, escaping with Wu.


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